The following family cases cameup before the Navajyothi Mahila Mandali for advise and settlement.

  • Smt.Madhuri, W/o Lakshmi Kanth represented to Navajyothi Mahila Mandali that her husband was living separately and she was facing troubles from her father-in-law and mother-in-law. After prolonged negotiations with both the parties,the case was settled for divorce as both wife and husband agreed. Sri Lakshmi Kanth agreed to pay the lumsum amount of Rs.2,75,000/- to Smt.Madhuri.The case was filed in the Dist Court of Ranga Reddy and judgement was given for divorce. The amount of Rs.2,75,000/- paid in the court itself to Smt.Madhuri.

  • Smt Rajani, D/o Lakshmiah was married to M.Ashok on 08-05-2003. Her mother-in-law and her husband looked after her verywell for a period of one month. Afterwards they harassed her physically and mentally with abused language. Before marriage,the parents of Ashok made false statement that he had a job in State Bank Of India and made the parents of Rajani to believe their words. It came to light that he was not employed anywhere and didn't earn single paisa. Her husband used to drink everyday and beat her severely.After negotiations with both the parties it was settled for divorce and Ashok agreed to pay lumsum compensation of Rs.1,50,000/- to Smt B.Rajani. The case was filed in Dist Court, Rangareddy for divorce and judgement was given and the amount of Rs.1,50,000/- was paid in the Court to Smt B.Rajani.

  • C.Channa Reddy, S/o C.Ranga Reddy married C.Padmavathi D/o Jaya Lakshma Reddy on 05-06-2002 after marriage he noticed that she was having skin disease spread in all over the body. He abanded married life with her and sent her to their parent's home. Her parents promised to get the disease cured. Even after taking the medicines prescribed by the eminent doctors, the skin disease was not cured.C.ChannaReddy requested for divorce expressing his in ability to share family life with her. After several meetings and negotiations, both the parties agreed for divorce.

  • Smt Gousia Bagum, W/o Mohd.Ali has approached the NJMM stating that her in-laws were creating problems to live with her husband. Both wife and husband ,parents of both the persons were called to the office of NJMM. After several counsellings and interactions an amicable settlement was made and Smt Gousia Begum is now living happily with her husband.

  • Smt Mumtaz Begum W/o Narsimha Reddy approached Nava Jyothi Mahila Mandali stating that the parents of her husband were not allowed her to live with her husband by threatening her with dire consequences if she tries to meet their son. They are also planning to fix marriage with some other girl to their son. After several round of discussions and counselling with the parents of both parties, the case was settled amicably and married couple are living happily.

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